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Session Photography

We are excited to announce that we are now open to the public for Session Photography!

Session Photography refers to a professional service provided by photographers who specialize in creating memorable moments and capturing them in the form of photographs. A session typically involves a photographer and their clients, whether it be individuals, couples, families, or even pets. These sessions can take place in various locations such as our studio, outdoor settings, or even in the client's own home. Session Photography offers a personalized and tailored experience, allowing clients to have lasting memories and visual representations of special moments in their lives.




Here at Vision Studios, we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional Session Photography services. Our mission is to capture the unique personalities, moments, and memories of our clients through professional photographs. We have professional photographers with years of experience, and we take the time to understand and get to know our clients so we can provide the most personal service possible. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures our clients receive quality photographs that will last a lifetime.



Interested in finding out more information about all the amazing options that Vision Studios offers to make your photo-shoot special and unique? Here’s how to get started:

Pick which type of Photography Session you are interested by checking out the portfolios below (all sessions, except our Speedy Session, include our Minimalist Print Package**. Add-ons available for an additional cost):

Photography packages offered

In a typical 90 Minute Session, our photographers will take 100 photos. After you have completed your photo-shoot, you will need to schedule your viewing session where you will come in to the studio and go through and choose which photos you would like to order. Depending on the schedule of the photographer, you may be able to do this the same day that you take your photos.


To view the prices for each Photography Session, please click on the Session Portfolios above. You can choose to stick with the Minimalist Print Package, which are included with all the photography sessions (except the Speedy Session) and are already factored into the price. The Minimalist Print Package is as follows (You can choose between matte or glossy finish):


8 Wallet-sized         4 4x6's            2 5x7's           1 8x10

We also offer several Add-Ons for Print Packages, as well as services.

Print Package Add-Ons

The Studio Package: $250

  • 4 Wallet

  • 4 4x6

  • 2 5x7

  • 2 8x10

  • 1 11x14

  • 36x24 Canvas (0.75in depth) in Matte Finish

The Vision Package: $425

  • 4 Wallet

  • 4 4x6

  • 2 5x7

  • 2 8x10

  • 1 11x14

  • 48x32 Canvas (0.75in depth) in Matte Finish

Product Add-Ons:

  • 36x24 Acrylic Print in Landscape: $400

  • 36x24 Metal Print in Landscape: $250

Buying the Raws

  • Buying the photos in "Raw" format (all the un-edited digital files from your photo-shoot in jpg format): Approximately 100 photos for $200

Upgraded Prints

  • You can choose to upgrade any of your prints in the following materials: Silk, Deep Matte Velvet, Leather, Linen, or Pearl

(Please discuss the upgrade pricing either during your consultation or before you order your prints)

Services Add-Ons

Extra Time

  • 30 minutes: $50

  • 60 minutes: $100

  • **$75 per every extra 30 minutes after one hour

Professional Make-up Service


Professional Hair Stylists


Posing Help

Professional Model will attend your photoshoot to assist you (and your group, if applicable) in posing. This will include a quick run-through of the basics of professional posing, as well as being available to direct any and all poses to make your photos look as professional as possible. $90 for 90 mins; any overtime TBD.

On-Location Fee

$100 plus any city permit costs, etc. **Please make sure to discuss this with your photographer during your consultation, as every city has different permit requirements.

Last Minute Booking

Any Photography Session request that is in 3 days or sooner may only be shot in-house. Approval will be taken on a case-by-case basis, however if it is approved, there will be an additional fee of $150 added on to your final bill

Next, Schedule your Risk-Free Consultation

Schedule a risk-free consultation with one of our professional photographers so that you can come up with a unique, custom-tailored plan that allows us to bring your personal vision to life. This 15-30 minute consultation can be done via the comfort of your own home on Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or any other virtual option that you have available. Or, if you prefer to meet your photographer face to face, you are more than welcome to schedule an in-person consultation instead.



  • ***The fee for the initial consultation is $100; however, this will be applied towards any service that we provide for you. This is also 100% RISK-FREE; if you ultimately decide that you do not want to choose Vision Studios as your provider, your consultation fee will be refunded.



Please click here to request a consultation.

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