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Modeling 101

This is the official application to apply for our modeling workshop. Please make sure you have read all the information on our workshop schedule page (if you haven't yet, please click here) and that you are able to attend all 4 sessions. Each session builds on the last one and once a workshop has started, we cannot add any more girls. If we run out of spaces for a workshop, we will notify you and can put you on the waitlist for the next available workshop.

All ladies who fill out our application for the workshop will be entered into a Vision Studios Model Registry and saved into our database. We are creating this registry for photographers who are looking for models to shoot. This benefits those that want to start work as a model and/or have more opportunities

If you are chosen for January's Workshop, we will contact you about payment information. You can either pay $50 a session on the day of the session, or $175 upfront (for a $25 off discount).

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