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LIVE Modeling Webinars


LIVE Webinars vs. Modeling 101 Workshops

In addition to the Modeling 101 Workshop we offer in person here, we also offer 1 hour online Webinars, conducted LIVE. These sessions differ from the Workshop because you do not have to live locally to attend; as long as you have a computer, a tablet/iPad, or a smartphone, you can access the LIVE Webinar from anywhere in the world. The Webinars are also taught differently too; at the Modeling 101 Workshop, you must complete all 4 weekly Sessions in order to earn your free photo-shoots/other opportunities and Certification of Completion, because the information given in each week builds on the information given the week prior, and you are taught how to be a model step-by-step from the very beginning to the very end.


With the LIVE Webinars, each Webinar has it's own topic, so you can pick and choose which you would like to attend based on what you would like to learn more about or refresh your skills in. There are no prerequisites needed to attend any of the LIVE Webinars, and you do not need to necessarily be a model to attend. Some of the topics may be helpful to people pursuing other careers. For example, if you are a woman who makes an income on a platform such as OnlyFans, maybe the posing class will be of interest to you because you will learn how to take better photos and how to look better in the photos, therefore creating more attractive pictures, resulting in more sales.

How Does the Live Webinar Work?

Each Webinar will be instructed LIVE by Lacey Blayze on the dates and times given. You can use a desktop, laptop, ipad, or iphone to access this webinar from the comfort of your own home. If you would like to maximize your learning on the subject(s) that you chose, it is advisable to show up to the LIVE recording so that you can ask questions during the presentation. Lacey will be answering all questions for anyone attending the event live. Once you buy your ticket, you will be receiving a link that is your personal access into the Webinar. It cannot be shared or replaced, so please save it somewhere safe. If you do happen to miss the LIVE or just can't make that date and time, the recorded versions will be available for purchase in the Video Library. 

LIVE Webinar Topics & Dates

  • Webinar #1: "How to Set-Up Your Social Media Accounts to Attract Photographers."  DATE WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23RD, 7-8PM PST

  • Webinar #2: "How to Communicate with Photographers and Set-Up Photo-shoots."  DATE WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH, 7-8PM PST

  • Webinar #3: "How to Be a Successful Model."   DATE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7TH, 7-8PM PST


ONLY $20 to attend
LIVE Webinar!

Purchase recording of each Webinar for $15

Ticket Purchases

Webinar #1: How to Set-Up Your

Social Media Accounts to Attract


Webinar #2: How to Communicate with Photographers and Set-up


Webinar #3: How to Be a Successful Model

November 23rd, 7pm PST

November 30th, 7pm PST

December 7th, 7pm PST

**Models pictured in photos above are Tati Luna (IG: @tati.luna_), Miriam Alondra (IG: @miriamalondra_), & Lacey Blayze (IG: @laceyblayze)

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